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    1. These volunteers will check in students from smaller schools, distribute and explain maps and pens to all students. This area will also be an information table.

      No upcoming shifts.
    2. These volunteers will help with the exhibits/activities at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Crossroads booths.

      No upcoming shifts.
    3. This volunteer will make announcements throughout the event, introduce guests, remind students to collect stamps on their maps, and announce the award winners.

      No upcoming shifts.
    4. These volunteers will help exhibitors on set up day (Thursday, November 8th). On event day, the volunteer will oversee to any exhibitor needs, make frequent walks around the lobby to ensure students are not engaging in negative behavior, and assist visitors towards the exhibit hall.

      No upcoming shifts.
    5. These volunteers will help with the exhibits/activities at the Explora booth.

      No upcoming shifts.
    6. This volunteer will take action photos of hands-on demonstrations, interactions between exhibitors/attendees, and awards presentation.

      No upcoming shifts.
    7. These volunteers will help check in students and teachers from individual schools, explain the map instructions, and help distribute maps and pens to all students.

      No upcoming shifts.
    8. These volunteers will collect and review maps for completion, and also collate maps for the voting tabulation at the end Friday's event.

      No upcoming shifts.

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